Malibu Country Mart Green Initiative Program

Electric Charging Station

EV drivers no longer have to be concerned about running out of charge along PCH and beyond as they can rely on our electric vehicle charging stations to plug in! Our 240 volt, level 2 chargers are compatible with the new wave of EV's and are free to the public.


Did you know that when you throw your food waste and soiled paper away at MCM it's later turned into organic compost, then distributed to farmers in CA to grow crops? So when you don't finish all your food, your leftovers are not going to waste!


We don't just recycle cans and bottles, but all material containing aluminum/glass/plastic gets repurposed. By tossing this material in the blue bins you've taken a step towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Earth Friendly Play Area

We believe kids deserve to play in only the healthiest environment—pesticide and chemical fee. For maintenance we use only organic fertilizers, no VOC water-based paint, and biodegradable plant cleaners to sanitize the swings.


LED lighting does not pose a challenge when it comes to disposal as they contain no mercury and their burn time can be up to 50x longer (even with lower watts), meaning they don't need to be replaced as often. Plus LEDs keep you and the surrounding area cool so you can then reduce your air conditioner and lighting consumption!

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is your best bet when you are being water wise. It's increasingly challenging to tell the difference between the real stuff and turf these days. Can you spot the difference?


Used grease from MCM's restaurants is stored, then picked up by Geo Green Biofuels who turn it into biodiesel. The french fries you eat may slow you down, but keep in mind their left over oil keeps this program up and running!


MCM features California natives and drought tolerant landscaping such as lycemus grasses, agaves, aloes, and fruitless olive trees. Natives help facilitate biodiversity of local species, so don't be surprised if you see butterflies fluttering around!

Bike Parking

Taking the bus and carpooling can greatly reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on oil, but biking is the cleanest burning of them all. After securing your bike at MCM, come relax, hydrate, and get a snack on a break from your ride down PCH or off the nearby mountains!

Water Wise

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective methods to reduce consumption while still getting sufficient water to the landscape. We've installed drip irrigation in several locations!

Earth Friendly Restrooms

Our restrooms feature biodegradable plant-based cleansers and hand soap, water efficient fixtures, recycled paper supplies, and trash can liners with a high PCW (post-consumer waste) content.

Zero Emission Gardening

Did you know...a gas lawn mower pollutes more than a car? Our playground has received “Green Zone Certification” for using only electric powered equipment. Small changes can make big impacts.

Drought Tolerant

CA imports most of its water from other states, planting succulents decreases this reliance. Succulents swollen appearance is called “succulence” because they collect water leaves and stems. So rest assured--if you forget to water them, you will not only be conserving but your succulents will still thrive!

Bottle Filler Unit

Our water bottle filling station offers a sustainable alternative for keeping plastic bottles out of the landfill and oceans whether you are biking by or spending the day with us. The only requirement is that you bring your refillable/reusable eco-friendly bottle and you will be quenched and good to go!


Working towards our LEED certification is the next benchmark of Malibu Country Mart's Green Initiative Program. LEED, standing for Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design, is the international stamp of approval for achieving excellence in green building operations. According to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) of which we are a proud member, buildings account for 39% of all CO2 emissions in the US! However, the average LEED certified building uses 32% electricity and saves 350 metric tons of CO2 emission annually. At the Malibu Country Mart we have joined alongside the new City Hall, Library, and Pepperdine in going LEED!

In addItIon to our Green Initiatives, the Malibu Country Mart continues its commitment to sustainability and is proud to announce it has registered with the US Green Building Council with the goal of pursuing LEED certification.

- LEED Registration Project ID# 100001765